We offer 100% human enriched Leads

Our team of Data research experts makes sure that you get the most accurate Prospect Data set. Our extensive domain knowledge and data-based research techniques ensure that you get relevant prospect Data set that yield higher conversion ratios.

98% Data Accuracy

Our Data Research team combines proprietary algorithms along with years of experience in generating prospect data on accounts that have the highest propensity to purchase your solutions. We guarantee a 98% accuracy on the prospect data we generate — the highest in the industry.

Our 6-step Human-in-the-loop Lead Generation Process

Audience Profiling

We use intent-driven processes to identify prospective companies based on their content preferences, technology stacks, vendor reviews, ICP mapping and more. Once we've identified the right companies, we scale out these identifiers to cover 10M companies to find more target accounts.

Account Validation

Once we've identified a large enough Total Addressable Market (TAM), we get to work on identifying companies with the highest propensity for a sale. This involves analysis and selection based on a number of factors including the company's performance and growth metrics.

Persona Mapping

Once curation of high propensity accounts is completed, we begin work on identifying champions, decision-makers and users within each organization. This provides a blueprint to your team on understanding each prospect's capacity at the company, and crafting unique messaging that fits their role.

Contact Profiler

We don't stop with just an email address. Find the person on all social media platforms. See what they care about, what they talk about and what is most relevant to them. Our team delivers cutting-edge insights that you can use for personalizing email and social media campaigns, by talking about what the contact is passionate about.

Email verification

The Business Emails of ideal prospects are validated using a series of industry standard validation processes to ensure high quality and deliverability. Our unique multi-step process identifies patterns and returns a score, where we reject anything below 98%, ensuring the highest accuracy for the leads you're contacting.

List Delivery

We'll provide the data as CSVs emailed daily or weekly. Or, we can integrate with your CRM or marketing automation platform. Or, we'll provide a secure login access so you can view and download data according to the campaigns you're running. No matter how, we'll get the data in front of you. Superiority Over Automated Lead Generation Tools

Gain a Competitive Edge

Improved Response Rate

We guarantee the industry’s best accuracy and recency for the contact data we provide, at 98%. No other vendor in this space comes close to our quality of data.

Unlock the unknown

Custom Requirement

Most data tools out there do not offer flexibility in finding profiles that aren’t available without a quick search. But we understand your specific requirements. And we’ll scour the offline and online spaces to identify the right prospects that matter.

Data that never dies

quarterly Data Refresh

Unheard of in the data industry. We’ll offer quarterly refreshes of all lead data we’ve generated. This helps you be up-to-date with decision-makers who have since moved on to new companies, and open up new avenues for opportunities.

Any questions?

There are many data providers out there who pull information from data platforms such as Dun & Bradstreet/Hoovers, Zoominfo, or Infogroup. But at PelicanInsights, we don’t rely upon any of these sources, utilizing our Our 6-Step Human-In-The-Loop Data Generation Process, we compile the data ourselves.

Want to learn more about our 6-Step Human-In-The-Loop Data Generation Process? Click here and book a meeting with our data consultant now.
Our pricing is structured based on the Total Addressable Market (TAM). Higher the Total Addressable Market (TAM) lower the per contact pricing and lower the Total Addressable Market (TAM) higher per contact pricing. Our minimum plan starts from $149.

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Yes, we can provide contact after deduping with a suppression list.

Click here and provide us a small subset of companies you already have in your database (around 10-25). We shall get back to you with a data set of new companies similar to the one provided.
We do not provide “opt-in” email addresses, rather, we can connect you with decision makers from your prospective Accounts.

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At PelicanInsights, we don’t store contact data delivered to our customers. And since we don’t maintain a database like other traditional contact list vendors, we compile the data from scratch once we receive information about our customer ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). This process helps us to deliver data sets that are not more than five days old.

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If you send an email and it is not delivered, the recipient’s system typically sends back some sort of notification as to why. A “hard” bounce is when you receive a notification that the non-delivery is due to a permanent condition, such as the intended recipient is no longer at the company. A “soft” bounce is when the notification indicates the non-delivery was due to a temporary condition, such as a full mailbox or an “out of office” situation.

We offer full credit for all business contact data proven to be incorrect.

Click here and let us know your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), we will provide 25-50 contacts worth $49 for free to check our data quality.
It’s limitless, you can go to any extent and customise your contact data that matches your ideal customer profile.

Schedule a call with one of our data consultants and provide us your niche requirement. Based on your requirement we shall provide a Contact data set worth $49 for free.

Want to review our Data Quality?

To get a free data set, please click on the button and give further information on your Lead criteria. Based on the Lead criteria, we shall deliver 25-50 leads that worth around $49 for free.

Intent and Prospect Data

$ 149 / Month
  • 300 Verified Contacts
  • Complete Professional Background
  • Above 90% accuracy for the email address
  • Quarterly refresh of data: keep track of job changes
  • Additional contacts start at $100 per 300 extra
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